Man. A post dedicated to Lucas Grogan’s big piece on the wall of MoVida on Hosier Lane in Melbourne city.  It’s part of the CityLights project which is at Until Never Gallery on Hosier Lane.  The piece is a coordinated collage of sappy text messages on a palette of blue and white Aztec-lookin’ background. The work is actually an ‘appropriation’ of Indigenous art and a bit of a slap back at the taboo that is appropriating ‘sacred’ Indigenous art. The wall piece I think acts as as summary of his show ‘BACKCHAT’ which is showing at Until Never gallery, where he employs his appropriated native style to a fusion of mediums- body painting, photography and embroidery onto silk surfaces.

I saw a blog post a couple of weeks back of Lucas’ wall piece and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since so I visited the site today and was really affected by it.  Here are some photos I took.

I’m gonna go tell the artist I love him.