Behind The Desk exhibition at 1000 Pound went supremely well; a lot of people came and drank cheap beer and enjoyed the awesome art. Man my gallery friends are ridiculously talented (watch this space). My two pieces embraced shitty texta and connector pens.  it was a rad night.

Right now I’m working on some work for my next group show on the Gold Coast with the LMTD kids and playing around with patterns and colours.


This is one of the pieces I’m exhibiting at 1000 Pound Bend gallery on Little Lonsdale Street from this Friday night.
I’m going through a period of not taking the concepts in my art too seriously, but I like this one to carry a comforting message that even when things feel like they’re leading nowhere, you always end up in peace.

Currently it is 1:58am and this Daisy can’t sleep.

Just did this little drawing and gave up on it upon drawing the third paisley leaf.

A fluffy, girly drawing.  Gotta get it outta my system to make way for some srs stuff.

I been gettin’ ready for a few exhibitions coming up soon and later and been turning vegan, drinking red wine in bed, making a mess in my bedroom and trying to change my grand scheme.



Man. A post dedicated to Lucas Grogan’s big piece on the wall of MoVida on Hosier Lane in Melbourne city.  It’s part of the CityLights project which is at Until Never Gallery on Hosier Lane.  The piece is a coordinated collage of sappy text messages on a palette of blue and white Aztec-lookin’ background. The work is actually an ‘appropriation’ of Indigenous art and a bit of a slap back at the taboo that is appropriating ‘sacred’ Indigenous art. The wall piece I think acts as as summary of his show ‘BACKCHAT’ which is showing at Until Never gallery, where he employs his appropriated native style to a fusion of mediums- body painting, photography and embroidery onto silk surfaces.

I saw a blog post a couple of weeks back of Lucas’ wall piece and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since so I visited the site today and was really affected by it.  Here are some photos I took.

I’m gonna go tell the artist I love him.

I’ve been pathetic at keeping this blog updated recently.

But here are a couple of sneaky shots of two small paste ups I did recently wooh

Stacks on deck,
Patrown own ice and we can pop bottle all night
Baby you can have whatever you like (like)
Yeah you can have whatever you like. 

Is this song not the best song? So deep and inspiring.
But actually can’t get it off my mind at the moment.
Ummm, been painting a lot lately, mainly stuff that I’m planning to paste up around Melbourne town in the wee freezing hours of the morn.  I’m doing them on a big 30 metre paper roll that I got from Ikea for $4.00 the other night and it’s really fun rolling it out and seeing all the separate works on the one roll.  Photos to come. Not quite yet though.

Have been busy doing life recently so haven’t made any progress on drawings or paintings.  Have been having some blissful naps with a cat and a boy too.


I came across a beautiful artist called Jen Mann this morning.  Her work looks like watercolour and maybe gouache but most is actually oils.  She’s a portrait artist from Canada who draws on childhood memories of being surrounded by woodland creatures.  This very obviously comes out in her work.  I like the textures she uses and she has a really fine shading technique.  Looking at her work makes me want to get skills!

Here’s a cheeky progress shot of a 12 x 12″ canvas I started this afternoon.  I approached the piece with a galaxy theme in mind but then it took its own turns and has ended up a bit creamier and dreamier than I had intended.  I’m thinking of adding a bit of cheeky collage to it or maybe I’ll take it in another direction.  It’s fun to learn about how colours can exist with each other.

These are some still life sketches and drawings done mostly on butchers paper or brown paper with ink, felt tip and chalk pastel.  These have been done over the last six months I guess.  I think I’m just warming up.